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    XMC offers comprehensive 300mm foundry service to worldwide customers on proven technologies, focusing on R&D and manufacturing of NOR Flash and wafer-level XtackingTM technologies. In NOR Flash industry, XMC has accumulated more than ten years of manufacturing experience and is one of the leading NOR Flash wafer manufacturers in China and the world. XtackingTM technology is world’s leading wafer-level 3D IC technology platform which is independently developed by XMC. The CMOS image sensor developed based on this platform combines the advantages of high performance, low power consumption and high integration and is widely used in China’s smartphone market. XMC has fully constructed two Fabs with exclusively 300mm fabrication facility and manufacturing quality systems is up through automotive quality standard of IATF16949. The maximum capacity of each Fab is 30000 wafers/month.

    NOR Flash

    XMC, the world's leading NOR Flash manufacturer, offers high performance NOR Flash technologies from 90nm to 45nm. XMC is the world's first manufacturer of 45nm NOR Flash with 8Gb of single chip capacity. As of the end of 2018, XMC NOR Flash wafer shipments reach 780,000 pieces, covering the NOR Flash markets from consumer to IoT, wearables and even automotive and industrial control. Our technical team has years of experience in production, providing high-quality manufacturing services, high-yield solutions and cost-effective design support services. We also work with other foundries and IC packaging and testing companies to provide customers with one-stop technical solutions.

    XtackingTM Technology Platform

    XMC XtackingTM technology is world's leading wafer-level 3D IC technology platform which is independently developed by XMC, utilizing semiconductor nanoscale interconnection technology to directly bond multiple wafers. In addition to significantly reducing chip size and achievingwafer-level interconnection, XMC XtackingTM technology can improve chip performance including faster I/O speed, higher bandwidth, lower latency and l ower power consumption. With the technology evolving, chip size continues to shrink, and the traditional Moore's Law will encounter bottlenecks in two-dimensional planar structure. 3D IC technology will effectively solve this problem, making it the best choice beyond Moore's Law. XMC XtackingTM technology uses wafer-level interconnection technology to improve integration by reducing its pitch size. This technology will serve the markets that demand small size, multi-function, high bandwidth and lowpower products. XMC, the first wafer manufacturer of image sensor by adopting TSV technology in China, began to develop its XtackingTM technology since 2012. With years of mass production experience, XMC has successfully developed hybrid bonding and multi-wafer stacking technology. The advantage of multi-wafer stacking technology is that it can combine different functional wafers such as logic, memory, sensor, etc. to offer various integration solutions with better product performance.


    The XMC Multi-Project Wafer(MPW) program provides customers a cost-effective prototyping service by enabling multiple customers and projects to share common masks and engineering wafers.


    Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (XMC) is a leading semiconductor company in China. It was founded Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (XMC) is a leading semiconductor company in China. It was founded